We provide over bricking of the heating walls. We also offer technologies for hot repair. List of all our services is here.


For our repair technologies we provide application devices. See all our application devices here.


We offers complex line of material for repair of the refractory linings. Click here for more information.


is an engineering company specialized in repairs of the refractory linings in the differ industry branches paying particular attention to brickworks of the coke oven batteries, especially the hot repair technologies.

The whole complex of new brickwork repairs technologies that secures stabilization of the existing brickwork or technologies that replaces the damaged part of the brickwork and prolong service life are offered. Technologies are not time-consuming.


Selected reference

Client 1

ArcelorMittal Ostrava

Guniting using exothermic masses KTM3 produced by FAMO-SERVIS

Client 2


Supplies repair mass

Client 3

US Steel Košice

Overbricking of the heating walls i.e. hot repair